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Steps State Agencies Can Take

Webmasters – Steps You Can Take Today: Review the Draft Guidelines for Common Look and Feel 4.0 Run a link checker program and resolve broken links (we like Xenu and Screaming Frog) & give the full list of pages to your Public Information Officer (PIO) or head of communication for their review and coordination within […]

Web Standards

The Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) Opens in new window develops, promotes and enforces a collection of policies and standards that govern information technology projects in state government. The GIC works closely with DTI to help state agencies meet these standard. Below is a list of the standards that apply to the GIC’s […]

Municipal Websites

GIC is restarting web projects with municipalities, prioritizing towns that have no or little web presence, and then working our way to those with an established presence.  Please reach out to the GIC’s Director, Dana Rohrbough with questions or for more information. The GIC designs and develops responsive websites in a content management system (CMS) […]

The State Portal

The Government Information Center (GIC) manages, a web portal that serves as a simple, single source of information about the State of Delaware and its government. The portal is an entry point for users to connect with the best sources of information at a variety of state agency websites. Features of the Portal […]