Common Look & Feel

State agency websites are governed by the Website Common Look & Feel Standard promulgated by the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI). This standard ensures that all State of Delaware websites have some common elements and utilize best practices.

For the latest Common Look and Feel (CLF 4.0), view the draft guidelines on the CLF 4.0 page.

The Delaware Website Common Look and Feel (CLF) is designed to meet five goals:

  1. Create a Delaware “brand” for online content that gives visitors the confidence that they are on a State Government website.
  2. Provide a consistent, well-designed website layout that is responsive and works across multiple browsers and devices.
  3. Establish consistent core elements for state agency websites to enable visitors to easily find the information they need.
  4. Increase the accessibility of agency websites so that all visitors, regardless of any physical challenges, can find information.
  5. Make it easier for state agencies to maintain and update their websites in order to keep content fresh, current and most useful for visitors.

The 2013 edition of Delaware’s Common Look & Feel (CLF) is the third iteration of the CLF, which was first developed by the Government Information Center (GIC) in 2001. The CLF was originally developed as part of an effort to standardize core web content, increase the level of web page accessibility, and ease citizen interaction with State agencies. The new CLF 3.0 edition adds responsive design and begins to make use of new tools made available via HTML5 and CSS3.


Department of State Common Look & Feel 3 Website

Common Look & Feel Documentation

Further technical information needed by state agency webmasters to create and manage CLF 3.0 websites is found on the GIC Extranet site (available only to those who are logged-in to the state government network).

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