Mission of the GIC

Our Mission Statement

The Delaware Department of State (DOS) is responsible for ensuring citizens free and equal access to government information. With that in mind, the Department of State created the Government Information Center (GIC) with the mission to help harness the power of the Internet and connect citizens to their government.

The GIC is a small team of professionals including web developers, web designers, information systems managers, graphic designers, and video producers and others that work with state and local government agencies to help them connect, though the web, with the citizens of Delaware.

Government Information Center (GIC)

Tasks the GIC Performs

Some of the tasks the GIC performs to meet this mission are:

  • Maintaining, updating and enhancing the state’s web portal to facilitate convenient and comprehensive access to government information. This is done by utilizing and customizing current web trends and tools for the State of Delaware.
  • Providing citizens with convenient access to a complete collection of online information and resources published by state, local and federal government agencies.
  • Advising state agencies and local governments on issues related to online content management, social media, and publishing services.
  • Recommending and promoting statewide web publishing standards, consistent with information technology standards articulated by the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) Opens in new window, to improve citizen access to information.
  • Training state and local staff in the latest web publishing tools and standards, social media usage, and communications strategies that take advantage of the latest internet technologies.
  • Helping to ensure that content on state websites is readily accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  • Designing cutting edge logos, press materials and branding materials for state agencies and other state entities.
  • Advocate for increasing the public’s access to state government online through initiatives like Open Data.

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