The State Portal

The Government Information Center (GIC) manages, a web portal that serves as a simple, single source of information about the State of Delaware and its government. The portal is an entry point for users to connect with the best sources of information at a variety of state agency websites.

Delaware State portal home page

Features of the Portal

  • Large search bar that allows users to search all state agency websites
  • Emergency notification bar highlighting the most important information Delawareans and visitors need to know
  • Alert bar indicating whether schools and agencies are open, current air quality, and the state’s flag status for the day
  • COVID-19 resources alert bar
  • Featured news
  • State Jobs search and popular topics
  • A series of most popular Delaware guides
  • Easy access to, Public Meeting Calendar and News Subscription
  • Trending topics
  • Transparency dashboard
  • Find my Legislator search
  • Statewide Elected Officials
Large Search Large Search and Welcome to Delaware Message
Alert Bar alert bar that features info on DE schools, State Agencies, Air Quality and Flag Status
Featured News Info Cards
Screenshot of Featured new highlights from the portal.
State Jobs Search
Screenshot of the State Jobs search on

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