The State Portal

The Government Information Center manages a central web portal that serves as a simple single-source of information about and for Delaware state government. The portal acts as an entry point for general information about Delaware and the state government; users are led to the best sources of information at a variety of state agency websites.

The Delaware State Web Portal,

Features of the Delaware State Portal includes an integrated search box in its header which allows users to search all state agency websites. In conjunction with the portal users will also find a comprehensive phone directory search tool that combines the ability to search for specific people, agencies or state services. The header also includes “Menu,” which features links to various topical pages like: Links to all the State Agencies, the Phone Directory, the Locations Directory, News, Topics Pages, Social Media, Help & Support, and Live Chat.

Users can also choose their location to get location based weather, news, and events happening around them. The portal is also organized into user roles based on whether the user is a resident of Delaware, a Job Seeker, a Business Person, or a Visitor to the First State.

A rotating series of “spotlights” serves to guide visitors to important services and timely topics and links. These spotlights are updated and refreshed on a constant basis.

Users will also find a collection of useful links organized by agency and topic. Users have the choice of organizing and arranging these link sets any way they wish. This information will be stored in the browser even if a user refreshes the website.

A new addition to this version of the portal is the alert bar which shows whether schools and agencies are open, what the current air quality is, and what the flag status is for that particular day.

At the bottom of the portal, in the footer is a collection of useful links that focus on state government, news, education and other issues.

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