Municipal Websites

GIC is restarting web projects with municipalities, prioritizing towns that have no or little web presence, and then working our way to those with an established presence.  Please reach out to the GIC’s Director, Dana Rohrbough with questions or for more information.

The GIC designs and develops responsive websites in a content management system (CMS) for local governments throughout the state of Delaware. The Municipal Web Developer’s Group, which has the goal of fostering inter-governmental discussion and collaboration, grew from this service. Websites developed by GIC for towns and municipalities are easy to manage, budget-friendly, and dynamic.

South Bethany Homepage. Showcasing the beautiful beach in South Bethany and links to popular services and information.

Features Provided

  • Feature upcoming meetings
  • Post Meeting Minutes
  • Public Notices
  • Spotlights
  • Calendar
  • Events listing
  • News posts
  • Embed videos
  • Embed audio
  • Embed Google Calendars
  • Built in SEO
  • Contact forms
  • Assign user levels for editing the website
  • Photo gallery or integration of a Flickr account
  • User friendly for non-technical people
  • Custom design and style
  • Ability to control the navigational structure
  • Add additional pages as needed
  • It’s Free! (design & development)
  • Free Training (a training session in person, and phone & email support from GIC staff)

Services Not Available

  • Email services (need a third party option, or free Gmail account, Yahoo account, etc.
  • Online bill pay (can link to third party solution), some towns use services like
  • Can not promote local businesses on .gov address* (note this is not the same as promoting a town-wide yard sale, parade, etc. Those things are allowed.)

Local Municipalities Supported by the GIC

Coming Soon…

  • Town of Leipsic
  • Village of Ardencroft

Interested in learning more?

Please place a Website Maintenance Request and a member of the GIC team will reach out to you!

*Federal Rules for listing of businesses can be found at Opens in new window.

No Non-Government Advertisements: A Gov Internet domain may not be used to advertise for private individuals, firms, or corporations, or imply in any manner that the government endorses or favors any specific commercial product, commodity, or service.

No Political of Campaign Information: The Gov Internet domain is for the operation of government, not the political, political party, or campaign environment. No campaigning can be done using .gov domains. The Gov Internet domain websites may not be directly linked to or refer to websites created or operated by a campaign or any campaign entity or committee. No political sites or party names or acronyms can be used. Separate wesbites and e-mail on other top-level domains (TLDs), such as .org, will have to be used for political activity.

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