Social Media Access

State agencies are making good use of social media platforms to enhance communication with constituents. You can reach out to us to discuss your agency goals and needs, and we are happy to discuss.

State employees and state contractors who work in communications that need access to social media sites can request access, otherwise access to these platforms is controlled by filtering software managed by the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) under their Social Media Policy (PDF). All social media platforms except Twitter are filtered by DTI.

The Agency/Organization head may request removal of filtering by sending an email request with the user’s name and/or email address and the access required.

If on the state network send the request to the DTI Service Desk.

If on the K12 network, you’ll need to reach out to your Internet Security Officer (ISO).

At no time do approved allowances / exceptions alter the requirements of the DTI Acceptable Use Policy.

Agencies should always take note that any major decisions, policy statements, and other important information defined by the Division of the Archives records policies and retention schedule should not solely live on social media platforms (this information should “live” on a state website, or should be kept in document for the purposes of sending to the Archives).

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