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The staff of the Government Information Center all perform multiple tasks to help maintain the many programs of the GIC. The list below represents only a portion of the duties of each member of the team. As a general rule, the best way to reach the GIC is by e-mail at


Dana Rohrbough, Acting Manager, (302) 857-3020
Lynn Hooper, Project Manager, (302) 857-3022

Professional Staff

Ed McNeeley, Information Architect, (302) 857-3021
Jeffrey Boyer, Information Security Officer, (302) 857-3023
Sheila Hunton, Information Systems Support Specialist, (302) 744-5059
Julianne Solum, Web Developer, (302) 857-3024
Matt Campbell, Web Developer, (302) 857-3026
Sudeer Chenchu, Programmer, (302) 744-5079
Ben Kaminski, Web Developer, (302) 744-5085
Government Information Center