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Last updated on June 27th, 2024

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Hello! Welcome to an important conversation that we at the Delaware Government Information Center (GIC) are excited to have with members of all our great Delaware state agencies about their digital presence. 

We’re hoping to connect state agencies to the GIC, and to one another through this blog. We want to engage agency leadership, PIOs, web staff, and anyone else looking for more effective ways to communicate online. The goal is to educate, share ideas and inspiration, and to highlight the value of collaboration and transparency.

We’ll be discussing data-driven design, user research, changes in accessibility requirements, search engine optimization, and many more relevant topics.  

Our timing for this forum is significant. Another topic we’ll be digging into is the new vision for Delaware’s current Common Look and Feel (CLF) guidelines. It’s a huge project that the GIC has taken on, and it entails much more than simply setting style guide parameters; we’re creating an entirely new library of digital resources. Along the way, we’ll have different members of our team sharing their experiences during the development process. We hope to incorporate the feedback of as many different agencies as possible. 

User technology and search engine ranking guidelines are changing all the time, and the GIC is working hard to build in dynamic solutions that will help agencies respond more quickly, more effectively, and with fewer time demands. How do our missions align and overlap? How do we collectively navigate the coming years online?  

This is where a new vision for the CLF will become an invaluable resource.  

We’ll have some specifics on that in our next post! 

Thanks for joining the conversation, and please stay tuned!!

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