Video and Graphic Design Projects

The Government Information Center (GIC) is taking requests from State Agencies via their Public Information Officers (PIOs) to create digital and print graphics as well as high quality video. 

At the GIC, our mission is to connect citizens to their government, so we are excited to grow our capabilities with video and graphics to better inform the public. Video is a fast growing segment for consuming information. Graphics can take complex information and make it immediately understandable. Another goal is to help reduce friction between government and citizens, and to help agencies communicate more effectively with the public. 

We are only accepting briefs and requests from PIOs, so please reach out to your agency PIO to find out more details. If you are a PIO, and need more information, please contact us to learn about our request process. Remember, projects must have an intended audience of the public (not just internal-facing), and we ask for sufficient lead time so we do not rush the creative process. 

Below is a list of projects recently completed by our Creative Team. 


Video Project Highlights:

Delaware’s Paid Parental Leave Law – The Department of Human Resources, Division of Women’s Advancement, and the Governor’s office asked us to create a video highlighting the landmark policy allowing 12 weeks of paid parental leave for state employees. The video launched on April 1 – the first day of the new law – on agency social media channels, and embedding to state websites. 


DE.CO Food Hall Ribbon Cutting – It’s Time Wilmington! This video was shot at the request of the Governor’s office to highlight the new and exciting things happening in Delaware’s largest city. This was shared on social media channels. 


Prepare Well for Severe Weather and Natural Disasters – made for Severe Weather Week in April, we worked together the Governor’s office and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency to shine a light on preparedness. 


Read Across America Day 2019 – In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd, the Governor read “Pete the Cat” to three and four year olds at a day care in Wilmington. This is an annual reading awareness and motivation program that calls for every child across the country to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss by reading on March 2nd.  Westside Family Healthcare celebrated by having various readings with day care centers all month.


World Down Syndrome Day 2019 –  When March 21 was declared “Rock your Socks For World Down Syndrome Day” with an official proclamation, our video producer covered the event and crafted an uplifting message. The video was shared on social media platforms.  


Graphic Design Project Highlights:

Images and Graphics for Social Media – GIC runs the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Our goals on these platforms is to celebrate Delaware, inform the public, encourage residents to explore Delaware, promote healthy living, and more. We also want our look and feel to be consistent across our platforms, so we developed elements that you can find throughout our graphics; see if you can find them all! 

Image of a runner putting on shoes for National Walking Day
Image of a bald eagle for National Zoo Lovers Day
Image of an animated laptop, files, and calculator for Tax Day


Child Abuse Prevention Month 2019 Campaign Graphics for the Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families  – April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we were engaged to create social media graphics about this serious and heartbreaking issue. A goal was to promote the 24/7 hotline phone number and website, and  to encourage people to report if they suspect child abuse. 

Image of children's blocks and legos for Child Abuse Prevention Month
Image of fence post up close for Child Abuse Prevention Month
Image of a boy in super hero clothes for Child Abuse Prevention Month


Tobacco 21 Bill Graphics for The Office of the Governor and Department of Health and Social Services – The Delaware Legislature was considering a bill to raise the tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21, and we were engaged to create a social media graphics campaign to talk about the true costs to Delaware’s health, budget, and well-being related to tobacco. 

Image of a cigarette and Tobacco usage in a graphic
Image of an e cigarette and Tobacco usage in a graphic
Image of a backpack and Tobacco usage in a graphic
Image of various statistics of tobacco usage


Delaware Opportunity Zones Map PDF re-imagining for Division of Small Business – We were engaged to help lift an existing highly accurate GIS map and add a creative touch, while still maintaining the integrity of the boundary lines and pop outs. This graphic was used in a print publication, and is used on the Division’s website. Delaware may have one of the best Opportunity Zone maps in the country now! 


Image of an old map of the Opportunity Zones in Delaware


Image of the re-designed Opportunity Zones map for Delaware properties

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