GIC Current Projects

The Government Information Center (GIC) works as an internal consultant to Delaware State Agencies on modern web practices, and designs and maintains mobile responsive websites in a content management system (CMS). Below is a list of projects that are recently launched, underway, or slated to start with state agencies, boards and commissions, and cities/towns.

Highlights from Recent Projects:

Developing a New Search – you can see the new search on any of the below sites; notice the autosuggest, significantly improved synonym database, and easier to find content. This new search is for agencies using our platform, and those who partner with us. You can see this new search in action on the Delaware News site or the Delaware Courts site. We have also heard from some agencies about specific search engines for specific needs. For example, the Merit Employee Relations Board (MERB) needed a better way to search their legal decisions. Working closely with MERB leadership, we developed a PDF search of their decisions. We are working with a number of agencies on refining their searches. Reach out to us to learn more about search.
Image of the Swifttype Search application on the Office of the Governor's website
Executive Order Online Repository and Search – older Executive Orders (EOs), mostly those that were issued prior to the internet, were physically housed in the Division of Archives. But there has been tremendous interest from the public and from those who work for state government who want to research these previous Executive Orders, and wanted an easy place to find them online. In partnership with the Division of Archives who OCR-scanned the physical documents, we built an online home for the full collection. We included a search feature that is looking at the text of the PDFs, so finding an Executive Order is easier. The online collection is organized chronologically, by Governor who issued them.
Screenshot image of the Past Governor's Executive Orders Database page
Department of Agriculture – the Department wanted to rebrand their agency and develop a new website to better reflect the services and priorities of the agency. Working collaboratively with the Department, we created a new branding strategy, branding guide, and website. The new home page focuses specifically on the actions that users can take on the site.
Image of the Delaware Department of Agriculture homepage
Delaware Division of the Arts– the Division is consistently focused on good design, relevant content, and thinking differently about how to communicate. Their website is a great example of engaging users. Notice their newsroom, podcasts, and subscription call outs.
Image of the Delaware Division of the Arts homepage
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Alpha – this website is a growing partnership where DNREC is leading the way with an “Alpha” approach.
Image of the DNREC Alpha homepage
Division of Human Relations – in this project, the Division focused on new content development and user-actions. Because the Division had a laser-focus on content, this made our design, build, and launch steps very smooth.
Image of the Division of Human Relations homepage
First State Blog – we started this statewide blog to focus on seasonal content that celebrates Delaware. We work with Public Information Officers (PIOs) and municipal officials to generate content ideas.
Image of the First State blog homepage
302 Fellowship – agencies often ask us for photos and videos. Only a handful of agencies have their own imagery or photographers, so there is a growing need for licensed images. To build a repository of images, we started the 302 Fellowship – where we engage local photographers to take and submit photos to us during a year of Fellowship. Images can be used on digital properties. This program helps us solve a common problem, and we get to also celebrate local artists in the process!
Image of the 302 Fellowship page with some of the fellows biographies and information

Recently Launched State Agency Websites Include:


Projects on Deck:

  • New Delaware Business One Stop (60% completed)
  • Carvel Building Art – 302 Fellowship installations (50% completed)
  • Census 2020 Website (50% completed)
  • Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families (20% completed)
  • Early Adopters Group – Introducing Gutenberg WordPress Editor (20% completed)
  • Delaware State Jobs (10% completed)
  • Department of Labor (10% completed)
  • New Search Implementation (10% completed)
  • Implement “Watches” and “Warnings” Weather Feed (5% completed)
  • Executive Order (and other) subscriptions (10% completed)
  • Finalize CLF 4.0 written guidance (ongoing)
  • Social Media training for agencies (ongoing)

New Projects Scheduled for Fourth Quarter 2019 or After

  • Arden, Delaware
  • Gutenberg Roll Out to Agencies
  • Implement Ticketing System for GIC requests 
  • Research and Implement New Form Submission Applications 
  • State of Delaware ADA Coordinator’s Office
  • Template Designs for OMB

Looking for Assistance from GIC?

Please note we currently have a waiting list, and agencies are served on a first-come, first-served basis. As projects complete, we can take on another agency site or project. Please prepare to work with us by visiting the “Steps State Agencies Can Take” page.

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