GIC Current Projects

The Government Information Center (GIC) works as an internal consultant to Delaware State Agencies on modern web practices, and designs and maintains mobile responsive websites in a content management system (CMS). Below is a list of projects that are recently launched, underway, or slated to start with state agencies, boards and commissions, and cities/towns.

Highlights from Recent Projects: – the future of The new alpha version of features a large search bar, easy access to Government services, helpful guides, customized art, inspirational videos, spotlights to keep you in touch with all things Delaware and so much more! Explore the new and share any feedback you may have.

Screenshot of the new – working together with partners from DHSS, DPH, DEMA, and the Governor’s office, we set up a WordPress site in record time to help respond to the pandemic. The site has evolved quickly, reflecting the pace of information that the public needs. Supporting the response across departments was made easier now that the site is edited collaboratively in WordPress. 

Home page screenshot of – HCA is an agency of the State of Delaware, organized as a Division within the Department of State and was ready to adopt the state’s modern common look and feel 4. The updated homepage showcases their new logo and has two topic portals, “Preserve & Protect” and “Visit & Learn” to help visitors navigate with ease to important information as well as take a visually pleasing journey.

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Alpha – this website is a growing partnership where DNREC is leading the way with an “Alpha” approach.
Image of the DNREC Alpha homepage

Recently Launched State Agency Websites Include:


Active Projects:

  • Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families
  • Delaware State Jobs
  • Executive Order (and other) subscriptions
  • New Guides Pages for
  • Public Meeting Calendar Subscription with DTI
  • Content and Enhancements to One Stop
  • Caucus websites

Projects on Deck:

  • Arden, Delaware
  • SAC
  • Gutenberg Roll Out to Agencies
  • New Form Submission Platform
  • DEMA
  • Office of Highway Safety
  • DHR and Women’s Hall of Fame
  • OMB
  • DHSS
  • City of Dover
  • New “Framework” project, a prerequisite to Common Look and Feel 5

Looking for Assistance from GIC?

Please note we currently have a waiting list, and agencies are served on a first-come, first-served basis. As projects complete, we can take on another agency site or project. Please prepare to work with us by visiting the “Steps State Agencies Can Take” page.

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