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6/1/2018 Update: We have carefully considered all of the amazing portfolios submitted to us for the 302 Fellowship and we’ve reached out to congratulate our new Fellows through email today. There are so many talented photographers, it was a hard choice! This is only the first year of this program, so be sure to check back in May 2019 to resubmit for another chance to be in the 302 Fellowship! Thanks to everyone who submitted your amazing work. Delaware is lucky to have so many great photographers.

Announcing the 302 Fellowship!

The State of Delaware is starting a new photography program called the 302 Fellowship! The goal of this program is to build an image library for our digital presence that highlights our beautiful state, showcases Delaware’s hidden gems, and supports local photographers. We are building a pool of up to 8 photographers from all three counties who will submit photos from all over our beautiful state. The program will run for a year and members of the fellowship will send in pictures on a monthly basis and will be compensated on a per photo basis.

How it Works
To apply for this program, applicants will submit a portfolio to the Government Information Center (GIC). More guidelines for portfolios are below. If selected as a Fellow, you will be invited to send monthly submissions of images, and GIC will purchase selections with unlimited licensing terms.

What we are looking for in your portfolio application?

We are looking for portfolios from talented photographers from all over the state. Portfolios should contain 30 photographs minimum. We are looking for images that are high resolution and high quality. In your portfolio submission, we have a preference for large images that are not already owned. We would love for portfolios to include a variety of pictures that are themed around all things Delaware for example including things like Delaware landscapes, Delaware cityscapes, buildings/sites that are iconic landmarks, or fly-over bird eye views of Delaware. We don’t want to see wedding photos, corporate/business events, family photos, inappropriate content, or overly-staged pictures of people within your portfolio.

How to send your portfolio application
We are accepting portfolios from Delaware photographers, at every level. We ask that applicants email us at with a link to your online portfolio, on either a personal portfolio site, or photo sharing platform like Flickr, Picasa. However, we are not accepting Instagram submissions. Include your full contact information in your Fellowship submission.
If you’re selected as a Fellow
It’s a requirement to have an active Delaware business license – you can easily apply for one on the Delaware Business One Stop – a general license for one year is $75.00.

You will need to fill out the substitute W-9 form on the Division of Accounting’s website, to get set up in the state accounting system.


What we are looking for in your Fellowship submissions?

We are looking for photographers to submit photos through Dropbox on the first Monday of the month. A general guideline brief will be provided at the start of the fellowship that will give photographers an idea of the types of photos and photo locations that we are looking for. Fellows are encouraged to keep the guidelines in mind, but we will give consideration to every photo that our fellows submit.  After Fellows submissions, we will go through and select individual photos that best suit our needs for that month. We will pay for the rights to those pictures in order to use them throughout all websites and subdomains and across Delaware’s social media accounts. Any photos containing people must be submitted with a signed release for both adults and minors (with parent/guardian consent). We are generally looking for photos that celebrate the natural, historical, and cultural beauty of Delaware and its communities.

For each high quality photo we select, we will pay $300.00. We will accept images that are 2400×2400 max with a minimum of 7 megapixels at 300 DPI. Each Fellow will be capped at selling no more than $5,000.00 in one year (which translates to a cap of selling 16 pictures in a year to us). We will purchase unlimited licensing rights for use across Delaware state agency websites and social media from the Fellows. Credit will be given on social media whenever your photo is shared, but credit will not be given on all Delaware state agency websites. We’ll list the 302 Fellowship photographers on’s website.

Each time we select a photo to purchase, the Fellow will submit an invoice to us on a monthly basis for the photos we’ve chosen that month. We will pay through the preferred method you specify in your substitute W-9 vendor form (direct deposit, paper check, or credit card).

Open submissions: Monday, May 7th, 2018
Deadline for submissions: Monday, May 21st, 2018
Announce fellows: Friday, June 1st, 2018


Email us at

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