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The State of Delaware introduced a new photography program called the 302 Fellowship. The program goal is building an image library for our digital presence that highlights our beautiful state of Delaware, showcases its hidden gems, and supports local photographers. We built a pool of photographers in all three counties to submit photos from all over Delaware.  Members of the fellowship submit pictures on a monthly basis and are compensated on a per photo basis. The program runs for one year.


302 Fellowship Biographies

Beth Baker
“I was born and raised in Delaware, and even though I love traveling & visiting new places, Delaware will always be home. I started getting interested in photography about two years ago. My parents instilled a love of the outdoors in me from the time I was very little. I believe photography is a great way to encourage others to get outside & appreciate the natural beauty of our state (even if it’s just in your own backyard).”

Beth Baker on Flickr

2018-2019 Licensed Photos:
Jon Lloyd, Jr.
Jon Lloyd Jr is an award-winning Photographer based in Dover, DE. His photos have been featured in USA Today, E! News, The News Journal,

Delaware State News, ABC, NBC, and many others. Jon is also a Freelance Photographer for a few local newspapers, and also photographs Weddings, and Families.

Jon Lloyd, Jr. on Instagram

2018-2019 Licensed Photos:
Duane Loveland
“My name is Duane Loveland and I am a photographer currently residing in Elsmere, DE. I’m not sure what type of photographer I would consider myself as I like to do a little of everything. I love the randomness and beauty of sunrises and the emotion you can get from a candid portrait. I believe in taking the camera everywhere it’s allowed because you never know when that “one shot” will present itself.”

Duane Loveland Official Website
Duane Loveland on Flickr
Duane Loveland on Instagram

2018-2019 Licensed Photos:
Terence Roberts
“When making a photograph, I look for an original, fresh view of something that may have been seen many times before. Approached gently, the photograph often reveals the essence or spirit of the scene (or person). For me this is one of the magical gifts of image making. In seeking this vision, I might employ technique–paints, collage, chemical manipulation, and compositing–to some effect. But manipulating light is at the heart of photography. Lately I’ve been “painting” with light, large night scenes in gardens and parks. There is gesture in the light quality, and accidents which add immediacy to the images. The unpredictable is revelatory.”

Terence Roberts Official Website

2018-2019 Licensed Photos:
Robert Shock
A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Robert Schock currently works in financial services. Photography has always been a hobby of his. Wherever he is a camera is always sure to be with him. You never know when the opportunity for that perfect photo will appear. Along his daily commute to and from work, currently in West Chester, there is always something new to be seen. No matter what time of day the lighting is always different. Even passing a scene in a different direction provides a new perspective. Robert’s photography is not defined by one type of medium- though he does focus more on landscapes, nature, and the historic aspects of life. He also enjoys photographing his 2 boys’ sporting activities. Robert is a self-taught photographer and still considers himself a student in the art of photography. He is always learning new techniques, whether it is talking to other photographers he meets or learning from trial and error in the field. Most of all Robert sees photography as something that is enjoyable and gets him outdoors to places that most people only read about. Robert has been a member of the Chester County Art Association as well as the Chester County Camera Club. They have offered him more opportunities to show his work through juried and non-juried shows as well as meeting local Artist with the same interest.

Robert Shock on Flickr

Barbara J. Voshell
“I’ve always loved photography. It has the ability to evoke emotion and insight like nothing else can. That’s why regardless of the subject, my objective is to reveal the unseen essence of the person, place or thing that I’m focusing on. Living in the heart of the Delmarva Peninsula has afforded me the unique opportunity to explore and document the natural beauty of the Mid-Atlantic region. It has also given me the freedom to experiment with imagery surrounding a wide variety of both urban and rural human activity. For me, nothing is more satisfying than capturing an image that inspires an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the people in our lives and the world we live in.”

Barbara J. Voshell Official Website

2018-2019 Licensed Photos:
Michele Walfred
“I am a native Delawarean (born and raised in north Wilmington suburbs), but in 2001 I moved to Lewes and began a new career at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture & Natural Resources’s southern campus– the Carvel Research and Education Center in Georgetown, which is also the Sussex Delaware location for Cooperative Extension. There, I am a communications specialist, charged with the privilege to celebrate Delaware’s number one industry–agriculture and the related outreach that my UD colleagues conduct for the First State. Both professionally and personally, I approach communication through multi-disciplines: journalism, blogging, social media, prose, poetry, photography, videography, fine art and music. I am fascinated by Delaware’s native flora and fauna, and anything to do with gardens! Wife, mother and grandmother, I am a curious and perpetual student!”

Michele Walfred on About Me

Jacob Williams
“Greetings! I am Jacob Williams and I am a 21 year old photographer based out of Camden, DE. I was born and raised in Kent County and am a graduate of Caesar Rodney High School. I am currently attending Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. Like most native Delawareans, I have spent my summers at our beautiful beaches and enjoy exploring each and every corner of our state. I have set out on a journey to create photographs that show how I see the beautiful state we live in. Enjoy!”


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